Parent Testimonials

We spent the last 2 summers sampling different summer camps. This one topped ALL the others, by *FAR*! My child loved the costumes, stories, and action; I loved the values emphasized and the way the camp was generally run. The kids ARE “Heroes” here, not just Campers. We’ll be coming back for more weeks next summer, no question!  And I LOVED playing a parent Zombie on the Feast of Heroes day! 🙂  Janice Ritter

(I) Just spent four weeks as a CIT (Monster Camper) and had a blast. This camp keeps you on your toes, and it’s just as fun behind-the-scenes as it is to be a hero! Definitely recommended to any teen who loves telling stories, acting, or just being around kids!  Madison Garland

As parent of one of the campers, Rob Perry, I can only say how much we thank everyone Staff, CIT’s and campers from making Rob’s experience so wonderful! He loved camp and made many new friends. It was great to see him interacting with everyone and hearing how much he was liked and liked everyone in return! Thank you again! Rob is already planning for next year!  Danon Perry

My son had a great time, probably even better than last year! Thank you so much–get some rest and see you next year! April Polant

Discovering Guard Up has been a blessing! From our first interaction for our son’s birthday to last year’s summer experience in Burlington to the school vacation weeks and now Quest camp he has loved every second of it. The people are wonderful, the program is exciting and engaging. I would highly recommend Guard Up to anyone who has a child with an active imagination and a love of stories. Christopher is anxiously waiting for his next quest! Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful program!  Milaina Vitiello Mainieri

I will say that one thing I noticed was the forming of relationships between campers that seems to have lasted beyond [Zombie and Wizards & Warriors] Camp and how nice that is (especially with some of the girls – though I have boys myself, i enjoy seeing the girls flourish in this atmosphere, I think it speaks to a need for an alternative to stereotypical ‘girl’ activity.)
Martha C.

Amazing!! It was incredibly fun!! Waking up, getting breakfast, then fighting. The food was good. The feast was amazing. It was addictingly FUN.
Liam W.C.

Camp is awesome! I remember, waking up in the morning prepared for the battle. The food was great. Especially the feast, that was on the last day. I liked making my own character. The epic adventure was amazing. Overall, I thought it was 100% fun.
Jared R.

Although already a teen, our daughter had never gone to sleep-away camp before, so we were a little nervous. But she was so excited about going, we just crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. We needn’t have worried. She had a wonderful time, made some good friends, loved the food, and was on the go the whole time! With all the activity, she even slept, in spite of her efforts not to. She can’t wait until next summer, and we’re happy to send her back.
Janet B.

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