Join the Nerf War Against Zombies!

Have you ever wanted to live the adventures you’ve read about or seen in the movies? Have you dreamed of being a Freedom Fighter, fighting zombies and monsters, solving mysteries, and discovering artifacts? At our camp, you get to do all this and more! Start by creating your own Character and playing a role in our realm, specially designed for you and your fellow Defenders.

Do you enjoy the rush of battle and the taste of triumph? Be a fearless Fighter! Or, do you prefer a stronger defense and special skills for healing your allies? A warrior’s best friend is a Medic! Or how about researching old world documents and piecing together solutions to mysteries? An Historian can get the job done! Stretch your acting skills and see what you can do! Or just play someone a lot like you.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Once registered, read the rule book and become familiar with the rules and how the game system works.

2. View our Character Creation page for ideas on how to create your own Character History.

3. Find or make costuming for your Character with our costuming suggestions

If you are 16 to 19 years old, you may qualify for our Counselor In Training (CIT) Program called Monster Camp.