Imagine spending Spring break saving the world from a zombie invasion. Sound like a video game? It’s the same idea… except that at Guard Up, Inc. in Burlington, Massachusetts kids are “unplugged” from the computers and experience their adventures “live” at Guard Up’s Wizards & Warriors and Zombie Invasion STEM camps and programs.  During the adventure, young heroes are actively learning about science, math, history, mythology, literature and more.

“This spring break, kids and teens will defend the human race against a zombie invasion using NERF blasters and foam swords – and their brains,” says Meghan Gardner, Director of Guard Up, Inc. “The adventures they participate in require a high degree of teamwork, focus, and problem solving. The heroes have to decide on the best course of action and deal with the consequences as a team. It’s exciting to see what they come up with and how our teachers respond.”

In the summer, teens travel from all over the globe to attend both the Zombie Invasion and the Wizards & Warriors Overnight STEM Summer Camp held in Salem and Burlington, MA.  This year, there is a third location for Wizards & Warriors Camp at Nashoba Brooks School in Concord, MA.

The thrill of action and the dramatic costumes, props and special effects aren’t even the best part of this experience. The most frequent comments from the kids are how they have made new friends who share their interests and how exhausted they are at the end of the day from the intensity of the adventure.  Parents love the non-traditional “Parent Day” where they visit the camp, report to makeup, and transform into zombies for the final battle against their kids.

using science to defeat zombies at summer camp
“When there are 150 people on the battle field at summer camp, and these kids stand in tactical formation with their friends, raise their house banners and call out their battle cry, it can get super intense,” says Chris Wiley, Program Director at Guard Up and teacher, “It’s a bonding experience that allows each kid to shine. All the kids know the primary code of a hero: Courage, Compassion and Honor, and have a chance to explore what those words mean to them.”


When school is out this April during Spring Break, kids and teens who want a taste of summer camp, can join the quest to save the human race at the Burlington, MA facility.  Foam swords and NERF blasters are provided.  Battle Cries are encouraged.

To register for Spring Break, use our mobile-friendly online registration form.

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