This is a free event for Pre-Season Registered Zombie Summer Campers Only. It is not too late to pre-register for camps and be part of this special adventure. A new commander has signed on with ZeeCorp. Who is this Captain Nemo? Is there any truth to the dangers he tells stories about? And what does the influx of the undead have to do with it? Bring your blaster, your courage, and your sense of adventure to help us solve these mysteries and more. Event runs 7-9pm.

To receive your invitation to this free event, call (781) 270-4800 by November 3rd to register for 2017 Zombie Summer Camp at pre-season discounts of up to $500. Any camper who has a friend pre-register by the deadline (must be a new camper) will earn a story-based token for their friends as well as themselves.

To register today, fill out our online and mobile-friendly form.