What others are saying about us:

“Sessions end with a climactic final battle, with campers streaming across outdoor fields, engaged in furious combat maneuvers.
The zombie battles are particularly ferocious.”
 The Boston Globe
 “A sensitive exposure to other cultures adds an ethical dimension to the experience, reinforced by the camp’s emphasis on compassion, courage and honor as the highest virtues to which the young heroes should aspire.”
“When I came here, at first I was kind of a quiet kid. Now I enjoy being a leader, and I enjoy being more of a leader [at] school as well.
Probably one of the only reasons I have any leadership skills is directly related to this camp.”
Nate Streeter, 16
“You hang out with your friends, fighting, exploring, solving puzzles, putting your brain to work and fighting monsters.”
Colin Binswanger, 13


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