Following Guardian Adventure’s explorations of Native American culture, themes, and oral history, this week’s adventure mirrors events in our own country’s history. The heroes have established safe paths into a spell orb mine which has created a mining rush that threatens the nearby villages. It is up to the heroes of Wizards & Warriors and the Defenders of ZeeCorp to make sure the mine and surrounding area is treated with respect. Will greed win the day and destroy the ecosystem, or will the heroes stand up to defend this protected mine? Bring your blasters, your swords, and your friends to save the world. Full Day Adventures from 9am – 3pm. Extended Day option available from 8:30am-5pm

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Pre-registration required at or call (781) 270-4800.

This adventure is set up for both our Zombie Campers and Wizards & Warriors campers to enjoy together no matter which themed hero they choose. Groups may be separated by theme based on the number of participants. Please indicate your preference in case of split programs when you register.