CIT Monster Camper

Counselor-In-Training (CIT)/Monster Campers

Monster Campers (CIT) are our elite group of older campers (ages 16-19) who wish to train as educators and entertainers and perhaps become staff one day.  Our camp is unusual in that our CITs are NOT treated as counselors… you do not lead the campers without specific guidance while being overseen by our adult staff.  You are, however, trained like our counselors and have specific responsibilities in accordance with their age and experience.

Our CIT are mentored by our adult staff who have extensive training in youth management.  Since CITs are close in age with our campers, you need training and time to develop important decision making skills before you can become counselors.  We provide a safe environment where you can practice education, entertainment and group management skills with the campers but without the stress of being actual counselors.  We rely on you as role models and to help in many aspects of running the camp – but you are also campers and are given rest time, recreation time and guidance like our youth campers.

Monster Campers are given the opportunity to learn the following:

  • Methods for running safe, entertaining and educational nerf_zombie_summer_camp_staffplots for the younger campers
  • Conflict resolution skills to help campers as well as their own team work and play together
  • How to role play various types of creatures and characters from literature, mythology and history
  • Creating fun, educational curriculum for the campers as they learn physics, biology, chemistry, math, history, Latin, and more.
  • Basic makeup and costuming techniques to create a more theatrical environment
  • Problem solving and thinking-on-your-feet to address instant changes in story line and to adjust entertainment or educational value
  • Coordinating and planning logistics for flow of events, resources, staffing, props, special effects and more
  • How to establish a professional demeanor and motivate your team and campers
  • Being pro-active and identifying problems before they arise

Our Monster Campers develop a camaraderie with each other and your staff mentors which can last a lifetime.  Graduates from the CIT program may be preferred candidates for future camp counselor paid positions.

The following are requirements for all CIT Campers:

  • Previous experience working with younger kids
  • A strong sense of responsibility and safety
  • Provide own basic costuming (see Costuming Page)
  • Be reliable and able to take instruction
  • In good physical shape (playing monsters is rigorous!)

Acting/role playing experience is helpful, but not necessary.  We can teach you.

How to apply to be a Monster Camper:

First time applicants need to submit a resume of experience via our contact form, directing your comments to Camp Director Shawna Sweeney. Shawna will then work to schedule an in-person or phone interview with the applicant.

Returning applicants need to send Shawna a cover letter and resume (it does not need to be perfect, but does need to show thought and effort). Shawna will then work to schedule an in-person or phone interview with the applicant. These interviews may be with Shawna herself or with the Camp’s Program Director, Chris Wiley.


Overnight Monster Camper Program

The program begins on the Wednesday of Training Week when all overnight monster campers will arrive at camp to begin their participation in our training week (Monster Campers will be dismissed at noon on Friday of that week and will be expected to return to camp on Sunday at 10am to prepare for camper arrival). The program will conclude on the last Saturday of camp. Monster Campers are required to attend both Zombie Camp and Wizards & Warriors Camp. Prices are for the entire summer.

Overnight Monster Camper Prices (Total for 6 weeks, after a half week of free training):

Tier 1 Monster Campers – 50% off current camper tuition
*Register by March 31st, 2017 to get Pre-Registration discounts!*

Tier 2 Monster Campers – 67% off current camper tuition

Tier 3 Monster Campers – Participate at no cost


Quest Monster Camper Program

The program for Quest Monster Campers allows them to go home every night, just like a Quest Camper. Quest Monster Campers are also required to attend a full day of training during the training week. If you are interested in being a Quest Monster Camper but can’t attend the full summer of camp, contact us.

Quest Monster Camper Prices are the same percentages off of Quest Camper Tuition.


How Tiers Are Decided

The Monster Camper program is designed as a per year progression. All first year Monster Campers, if accepted, begin at T1.  Returning Monster Campers have the potential to be accepted at a level of T2 or higher. Levels for returning Monster Campers are based on outside experience, demonstrated skill and demonstrated maturity.

Junior Counselors

We have a very limited number of Junior Counselor (JC) Stipend Positions.  These are reserved for CIT candidates who have significant youth leadership experience and are dedicated to assisting our counselors in youth management.  These position require a high level of responsibility, proactive participation and strong decision making skills.  These position are dedicated to helping with campers and logistics more than with role playing or story creation.  This position may require an in-person interview as well as an assessment of skill at one of our off-season events.  The stipend is provided to cover travel, costuming and other related expenses.  Stipends range from $50 – $100 a week plus housing and meals.  Junior Counselors are expected to attend all 5 weeks of camp – one week of NERF Zombie Camp and four weeks of Wizards & Warriors Camp.   JCs are given one day off a week for down time.

All Jr. Counselors must arrive at camp between 9am and Noon the Saturday before camp begins (JCs who need to be picked up at the airport must arrange to arrive at Boston Logan between 8am and 11am).  JCs will then begin their pre-camp training workshop immediately.  As well, JCs must stay until 8pm on the last Saturday of Camp to help close up the facility.

There are 3 primary areas of skill that we are looking for in Junior Counselors:

1. Strong Decision Making Skills

  • Safety:  Being able to stay “non-immersive” and focus on keeping safety a priority over entertainment
  • Entertainment: Ability to value the experience of others over your own
  • Flexibility:  Able to flow with quick changes and handle obstacles while keeping objectives in mind

2. Leadership Skills

  • Conflict Management:  Keep a level head and help campers come to peaceful resolution during moments of personal conflict
  • Motivation and Demeanor:  Able to inspire campers to participate in activities and to make friends with campers while maintaining professional boundaries
  • Full Engagement:  Making sure that no campers are “left out” or that any individuals are perceived as “favorites”

3. Reliability

  • Communication:  Consistent and clear communication skills – especially regarding safety concerns
  • Endurance and Self Motivation:  Ability to handle the physical and mental rigor of working with campers within intense adventure environments for 6 out of 7 days
  • Timeliness:  Being punctual and aware of time as it pertains to schedules and storylines

To apply, please submit a resume of experience via our contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you!